Who are we ?

We cannot remain silent. We cannot remain inactive. Today the mind revolts against the fate promised to humanity.  We, citizens of Europe and citizens of the world, together in the same community of destiny, do not accept that mankind moves passively headlong into climate chaos.

The Finance-Climate Pact is aimed at contributing to a collective uprising against climate change.

We want to do all that is possible for the ratification, by Europe, of a Finance-Climate Pact which would bring finance to serve the fight against climate change, both within Europe and in the Southern countries. We have only three yeas left to act!

This is why, with our diverse experiences and generations, we get together today within the  “Collectif Climat 2020” movement. We want to act together for 2018 to be the year of a real collective surge; for the adoption in 2019 of the project made public on December 7, 2017; and for its implementation in 2020.

Our collective  includes politicians, managers, committed intellectuals and academics, leaders of non-profit organizations, and other  citizens who are all convinced that the EU must now offer a clear and ambitious response to climate change.

The Finance-Climate Pact foundation is based on a manifesto sent to all Europeans who consider the climate urgency serious enough that remaining passive is no longer possible.  Our initiative is rooted in the numerous scientific reports which warn of the imminent disaster towards which Humanity seems resigned to be heading.

We think that the time has come to ring the alarm bell and engage in the effective mobilization of public opinion on this matter. Since April 2015 the European Central Bank has created over 2,300 billion euros. We want to ensure that through monetary creation by the ECB each country in the European Union is able to allocate at least 2% of its GDP to energy transition.

The Coal and Steel Community was the birth of Europe. A Climate Treaty must be its rebirth.

In 1950-51, when France and Germany were just coming out of several decades of wars, a couple of months were sufficient to negotiate and implement the first European treaty.

Similarly, if enough of us want it, we can direct the economic and financial power of our continent to to the safeguarding of our planet.